How to Tame The Beast

In this case the beast is the healthcare system. There really is nothing worse than having to pick through the tangled web that is our healthcare system other than having to do it while you are sick. Even with a legion of family members behind you it can still be difficult if the knowledge of the possible pitfalls isn’t there. This is something I learned years after working as a floor nurse. I had no idea. As a floor nurse my only concern was to get the patient well enough to be discharged. However, after years of working as a RN Case Manager I now know that it can be just as difficult, if not more making sure the patient who has been released from the hospital doesn’t return.

That’s where your discharge planners, home health nurses, RN case managers and other health care professionals step in to help patients who have finally made it home stay well enough to remain at home. This is a job in itself because it really does take a village to make this happen. That’s where one really good RN/ Case Manager can save a client thousands of dollars not to mention precious time.

I’m interested in hearing what your experience has been either as a patient or a family member of a patient. What obstacles, frustrations, or accomplishments did you have on your discharge from the hospital? Leave a comment below, I’d really like to hear.


R. Maddox, BSN-RN

Are you seeking a licensed RN/ Case Manager? Leave a comment with your contact information, or use the Contact Us form on this website.


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