Who Are We?

We are a work in progress. Health Karma was created by a licensed health care professional to empower people by providing real information about healthcare.

We are you, which means we are only as good as our readers! Every post is meant to spur conversation. We want your opinion, your knowledge.

We are a fast growing network of the curious and seekers of truth.This is a community we are building. We want to inform but also put that information to good use!

Our healthcare system in America is broken. We’ve all heard the healthcare horror stories (more than likely you have some horror stories of your own). We’ve all wondered how it could be possible for a “life or death” hospitalization to completely bankrupt a family.

Health Karma is our chance to right those wrongs. Health Karma is our chance to take a look at the healthcare industry in total- the good, the bad, and the ugly to find the truth.

Health Karma was created to find balance. After all Health is Wealth and we all deserve to be healthy regardless of how much we have in our bank account.


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